Industrial Project Sagaing

(1) Salient Points of the Project for Investment
(a) The Establishment New Industrial Zone In Sagaing, Sagaing Region.
(b) The following picture describes the project location map

(2) Salient Point of the Project
(a) The Project Salient points are as followed:
(1) Project Area to Airport – 30 km.
(2) Project Area to Mandalay City – 20 km.
(3) Project Size – 10000 acres.
(4) Immediate workforce. There are many surrounding cities and towns.
(5) Well located infrastructure lines with railway and roadway
(6) Agricultural and cultural hub for central Myanmar.
(b) The project can be Carried out a Joint Venture with any Myanmar citizen owned entitny or any Myanmar citizen.

(3) Available Resource
The Project is targad implemented on 10,000 acres of land and for the first stage, it can start on 1,500 acres.

(4) Restricted Resource

(5) Project Period
The Project Period can be set depending on the amount of Investment.

(6) Estimated Budget
The budget can be allocated depending on the kind of investment.

(7) Required Investment and Investment Type
Investment Can be Carried Out a Joint Venture With any Myanmar citizen owned entitny or any Myanmar citizen.

(8) Benefits
(a) According to the Myanmar Investment Law, the project includes in the Moderate Developed Regions as Zone 2 and it is entitled submit the application to 5 years of tax exemption.
(b) The tax exemptions or Reliefs may submit the application For Customs duty or other internal taxes or both on machineries, equipments.
(c) May Submit the application of exemptions or reliefs from income tax if the profit obtained from the investment that has obtained a permit or an Endorsement is reinvested within one year.
(d) Right to deduct expenses which are incurred for the research and development relating to the investment activities carried out within the Union and actually required for the economic development of the Union from the assessable income.
(e) The Project is on the Strategic point to China and India, the Finished goods and products can be distributed easily to different Places because of good transporation.
(f) The goods and Products can be transported smoothly to Sagaing Region, Kachin State and chin State as well as until India by using Sagaing Port.
(g) The qualified Skilled Labour Can be accessible in the region due to the rich human resources.
(h) In Compared with Mandalay City, the land price for Investment in Sagaing is more reasonable.
(i) It Can be accessable to Tada-U International Airport by car for 15 Minutes.
(j) Hotel and Tourism Sector Can be Developed.
(k) The Region Government Can Help to Solve the problems For the Investors.

(9) Projects meeting the target

(10) Further Information and Contact
(a) Contact Person –U Naing Naing Win
(b) Phone – 09-2111187

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